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About the Wines in the Loire Valley

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The Loire Valley

The Loire is the longest river in France, it rises in the Ardèche near Mont Gerbier de Jonc, and then flows north to Orléans and west and into the sea at the Bay of Biscay, and along the way leaving a trail of wines each as delicious as the others.

The banks of the Loire are dotted with large historic towns and villages, many having a long history of benefiting from the river for industry and produce, both crops and wine. And in the 18th century using the canal system to move crops and livestock around France. The central part of the Loire Valley was recently declared a World Heritage Site making it one of the most popular parts of France to take a holdiay.

The Loire in the department of Cher

After flowing through Nevers the Loire is joined by the river Allier at Le Bec d’Allier and from there flows through La Charité, Sancerre and on up through Briare. The canal Latéral crosses the Allier at Le Bec d'Allier and then again over the Loire at Briare. The riverside at Nevers and La Charité are very picturesque.

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